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Fine Bordeaux wine at affordable prices

« It is accepted universally that a handful of the world's finest wines come from Bordeaux, and in very small quantities. These wines are the preserve of the super rich due to their scarcity and prestige.

But Bordeaux never stops surprising me with its ability to produce more modest and affordable wines of exceptional variety and quality. Detecting them is time consuming and difficult. Promoting them even more so. Nonetheless I have set myself this challenge.

I have enormous enthusiasm for these wines born of the efforts of a few dedicated and passionate people. First of all the men and women who exploit Bordeaux's unique soil and climate to produce the raw material of good wine - mature and healthy grapes. Second the knowhow, often of these same people, who use both traditional and state of the art skills to transform these grapes into the wine in the glass.

At Fleury Wines we believe in these people and work with them daily to bring their reasonably priced and very drinkable Bordeaux wines to your table. Hence the motto. Fine Bordeaux wines at affordable prices. »

Jean Fleury
President / CEO